I’m home…the wedding went beautifully! 🙂 Most of these are courtesy of my husband…or my mom! I was kind of busy. LOL

My best friend (also Kelly) wanted to get married at my Dad’s farm. His farm is more “working farm” and less “quaint farm you use for weddings” but we made it work! Here’s some pictures!

Ceremony was in the upper portion of the barn, and everyone sat on straw bales 🙂

Me and the bride!

Kelly + Joe… <3 <3 <3

My dad, playing valet to make sure we got everyone in…she had 100+ guests!

Me and the bride! We’ve been best friends since I was 4!

Me and my momma!

Me, mom, and grandma 🙂 I was a giant towering over them in my modest wedges. Apparently I’m the tallest!

It was fun, chaotic, and exhausting. But it was a blast 🙂

I had Monday off for Columbus Day, and honestly, it’s just been an errand day:

– Ollie’s (Christmas Cards! I buy them here every year…cute designs, and cheap prices!)

– Target (Basal thermometer and Boss’s Day cards for work)

– Grocery store (fruit + cereal that I can’t get elsewhere)

– Farm store (mums + pumpkins for front porch decor)

– Car wash (vacuum dog hair out of car + wash bug splatter off windshield)

– Home (neighbor ran scanner on my car because my check engine light is on +septic tank pumping guy came + made chicken meatballs for meatball subs + laundry)

At this point, I am due for a workout, BUT…

I’m fading fast.

I’ve had a sore throat for 2 days, and today I am very-so-slightly feverish (I run about 97.4 and I’m at 98.6 right now. For most, it’s not a fever. For me? It definitely is.) and I’m feeling pretty rough.

So…I’ve rearranged my work-out schedule (god willing I can kick this cold and get to the gym tomorrow) and will just do a long hill walk with the pup + gentle hatha yoga this evening. 🙂

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