My DH didn’t know what these were – so I thought I’d just post them in case others were unaware!

These are fantastic for having people over for football, or tailgating, or whatever. They’re completely portable tacos that make zero dishes for you! Fantastic right? It’s basically a taco in a bag of chips. Portable, less messy, and delicious.

There’s also a version with chili, corn chips, cheese and onions that is amazing.

You can use corn chips or nacho chips for these…the little “lunch size” bags work best and you can often buy them by the box at the grocery store which makes it easy to feed a crowd.

(They’re also super-hard to photograph!)

Walking Tacos


Serves 4

1 lb. ground meat – turkey, chicken, or beef

1 packet taco seasoning

3/4 cup water



cheddar cheese

sour cream

taco sauce

4 small, “lunch-size” bags of corn or nacho chips


Cook the meat and add the taco seasoning and water to make up a batch of taco meat

Crush the chips inside the bags then open the tops of the bags

Add meat and toppings, stick a fork in it and serve!

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