I modified this workout from Susan a bit, based on my gym’s equipment (we don’t have an assisted pull-up machine, and the single pull-up bar is so popular you can’t get near it LOL)

I also added Abs to this workout to make it a full upper body set




Reverse Grip/Close Grip Lat Pulldown 8-12 3
Dumbbell Bench Press 8-12 3
Seated Cable Row 8-12 3
Skull Crusher 8-12 3
Barbell Curl 8-12 3
Dumbbell Shoulder Press 8-12 3
Stability Ball Crunch 15 3
Russian Twists (I hold my feet off the mat) 15 3
Plank (on elbows) 60s 3
Supermans 12 3

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