Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve had my first bread failure.

Seems like everyone’s been making pita bread lately — I saw it here, and here, and here, and here — and a dozen other places, it seems!
So I dove in. Things progressed nicely — I felt the dough was a little sticky, but nothing to make a fuss about. I let it rise. Rose beautifully. I rolled it out — worked fine.
But when I covered it and let it proof, nothing happened. The recipe I was using said 20 minutes of proofing should produce a slight “puff” — and I had no puff.
A few hours into the process at that point, I wasn’t turning back. It rose, everything worked, except the proof…and I still have no idea why.
So I tossed it in the oven, and hoped for the best.
The end result was flatbread. Since I didn’t get “puff” in my proofing stage, I didn’t get “pockets” in my pita. But I did make a mighty tasty flatbread!
Admittedly, I’m still irritated at it — mostly because I don’t know what was wrong. I may try again, but not until my hatred for pita settles down.
Left with 8 slabs of flatbread, I had to figure out what to do with it. I fed several to DH — in a variety of forms — for lunch.
And with spaghetti on Friday, I finished them off as garlic breadsticks. A quick mix of oil and minced garlic (yes, from the jar — I loves me some pre-minced garlic), brushed on the flatbread, then a sprinkling of italian blend shredded cheese, and some lovin’ from the broiler….
And man — they were JUST as good as Papa John’s, or Domino’s or whoever!
(DH tells me I need to screw up pita more often!)

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