Sorry for the formatting issues here…I tried to fix them to no avail! I’ll keep working on it 🙂

I know I’ve been a little MIA – lots of Christmas festivities going on – which has meant lots of repeat meals, rushed workouts, and other chaos, but hopefully I will be back in the swing soon.

In the meantime, here are some items I love (and some I’ve loved forever) to share with you!

1. Sunrise Soap Company products – Lip gloss and lotion are my favorites, but all of her stuff is wonderful. All handmade, by her,and all natural, and she’s a local company for me! She does ship all over, so check her out.

2. E-Readers – I am seriously obsessed. Plan A involved my dad buying me a Kindle for Christmas, but that fell through (Dad hates buying technology). Plan B is DH buying me one for Christmas, and last but not least, we have Plan C – my birthday is in February!! I just finished reading an 8-book series, with each book being 100+ pages, so the lightness and portability of the Kindle is really tempting. Do I need it? No. Do I want it? Heck yes. 🙂 The lure of not having to lug the 1000+ page book with me to dentist and doctor appointments, on trips, and other places, is very tempting. My biggest complaint about all the readers is the “sharing/lending” options only being 14 days. I’m a busy woman – unless it’s a short, fluffy novel, it doesn’t get finished in that amount of time around here!

3. Clarks of England shoes – Okay, this isn’t a recent obsession. Several years ago I had plantar facitiis and went through the pain of a cortisone shot to the heel. To the heel bone, people! I seriously have never felt anything like that…and frankly…don’t want to ever again. That means I rarely rarely wear heels, and stick to low shoes and wedges. Clarks are my brand-of-choice for most shoes, as they’re a “comfort” shoe, but also fun and relatively stylish. 🙂 I recently got these two babies as gifts:

4.Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon – I know I’m probably the last person on earth to finish this series, but it was SO GOOD. When I started it I was looking for something with good characters that I would get attached to, and this series definitely fit the bill. Truthfully, it didn’t hurt that I a) love historical fiction, b) love anything set in the British Isles, and c) enjoy a little trashy romance on occasion – but still. 🙂 I recommend the series, but honestly only to die-hard readers. There are a lot of books, and they are all 1,000+ pages. It takes some dedication!

5. Express Editor work pants – They’re stupidly expensive, but they fit like a glove. They’re also one of the few manufacturers of women’s pants that actually make a “regular” length pant long enough for my legs! Most women’s pants are a 31-31.5 inseam – I’m a 33! LOVE the editor cut – it even makes my relatively-flat-butt look good 🙂

Anything you are loving? Can be new or something you’ve loved for years!

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