Week 6 contained just enough hope to make me excited, again.

This week, I learned that next time I remodel a room, I will avoid “specialized companies” where you can go pick out all of your items for your room, they supposedly order them, and then you’re done.

I’ll ignore that said “specialized companies” scoff at Home Depot and Lowes, claiming they are “builder grade” and don’t you want something that “will last”?

I’ll do all of this, because said company has done nothing but piss.me.off. They didn’t order pieces, had difficulty getting items, and then had the audacity to give us attitude on top of it.

If you LOSE MY FAUCET, you DO NOT have the right to then huff at me that it will be “3 weeks if you have to have THAT one”

I will, in turn, simply go to the internet, and in 5 minutes, have it purchased and arriving at my house in 3 days — for hundred less than you wanted to buy it for me.


This week we got our vanity (finally!), they hung our mirror, and finished our trim work. The trim still needs painted, but at least it’s all up. They also roughed-in the shelving we’d requested beside our vanity. DH insisted on keeping our plumbing access to the shower, so I wasn’t able to get a nice, wide vanity. The resolution was a normal-sized vanity, and removable shelves, with a small plumbing access for DH. Our counter top will stretch the entire space, so it will all be contained in the end.

Here’s this week’s pictures…

Shelving, Week 6Vanity, Week 6Bathroom Week 6

Trim, Week 6

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