Because I now realize that daily updates aren’t an achieveable goal, I’ve moved to weekly.

Mostly because I go full days without a contractor in my house.

This week we accomplished the following. It should be noted for posterity that we’ve completed week two and are still A LONG WAY from a finished bathroom.

Next time, I’ll write a timeline for work into the contract. Seriously. I’ll accept input from the contractor on what’s reasonable, but this is a basic bathroom remodel that should’ve been done a week ago.
1. The guys put my faucet and drain, etc in for my tub. They didn’t put my showerhead in. I’ve no idea why. I also have plumbing sticking up through the flooring for my sink now.
2. They put lu-on? Something? Down on my floor to even it out and create a nice base for my new flooring. Except for some reason (lazy? weren’t told to? can’t think for themselves?) they put it over my rotten flooring by my toilet. Nice guys. Nice. This meant they showed up another day this week to fix it. At 7:20 a.m. WTF? But at least it’s done right now.

In all honesty, those are the ONLY things that got done this week, but a few other gems stood out…

3. Contractor calls DH and tells him we need to pick out stain for our vanity. WHY? I have PICTURES of what I want! He’s seen them! Why on earth can’t the man building the vanity do this? Exasperated, and not trusting my contractor to do it, I go to Lowes and pick out stain. Just get the freaking thing done.

4. Contractor calls Friday at 3:45pm and says he can have the guys come out and do the first coat of mud on the drywall this afternoon if we hustle. Since we did not provide the contractor with a key, I fly out of my office 45 minutes before closing time, speed to get home to let them in. I get home, let them in, and in 5 minutes, they’re walking out, explaining to me and the contractor that they don’t have any mixed mud (WTF?) left for today, so they probably can’t do it.
….so why did I have to come home and let them in?

Pictures on our meager progress below.

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