Day 3: Incredibly-late plumber finally gets here, hooks up my basement shower (hurrah for showering!!!), and caps off the plumbing in the under-construction bathroom. And…that’s it. no demo guys come back, and the electrician can’t do anything until demo is complete. Nice.

Day 4: Today…today was not a good day, kids. Contractor remembers only half of our specifics, and gives the workers only half of said specifics. This results in DH coming home at lunch and having to correct all the mess-ups and missed details. This also results in DH getting flustered and telling the electrician, yes, put ALL OF THE OUTLETS RIGHT BESIDE THE SINK. I, of course, raise holy hell and protest this. I also discover, via DH, they tried to install an insanely cheap exhaust fan (we bought a stupid-expensive one in advance…that detail obviously got lost), and tried to put my electrical outlets so they’d be right under my vanity mirror. Except we don’t have a vanity/top yet, so how the heck did they know where to put them? Exactly.

By the end of the day, all issues are resolved, and DH and I are beginning to wonder if we should start playing project manager every morning, since it appears that nobody else is.

Day 5: We’re back in action. Electrician comes back (grumbling, mind you, but dammit I want my outlets moved away from my sink!), fixed outlets, and guys get my surround and tub installed, along with all my new ceiling and most of my new drywall. This, of course, is already Friday, Day 5 of the project that “should take 3-4 days”. Pictures below.

Oh, and for those who knew I wanted to take the pink toilet outside in the yard and beat on it a la “Office Space” style, no — I didn’t get the chance. They carted it away. Good riddance!

Below are the precious outlets I had to fight tooth and nail for.

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