I was off Monday, and posted about it….


I worked, and felt pretty darn miserable from this quasi-cold I’m suffering from. I’ve been holding back the stuffies with Claritin and Flonase, but my throat is raw, mild fever, and fatigue. Oh…the fatigue.

Know what the best evening snack in the world is when you’re not only getting sick, but also getting your monthly friend?


Yep. That’s an orange broken out into slices and….a cookie dough truffle from the freezer. I was in heaven. 🙂 I told Dave if I’d have had the energy I’d have dipped the orange slices in chocolate, but that was close enough. Ha!

Obviously no workout. I thought walking the dog would be a genius idea…and then needed to sit quietly and rest when we got back after 30 minutes. Blah.


I took off from work to rest, and my car was in the shop, so I was forced to at least stay home 🙂

I rested most of the day, did some work from home, and decided I was stir crazy from my lack of gym time, so I went for a short and easy workout.

15 m elliptical, moderate pace, easy resistance and incline

2 sets of Julie Lohre circuits from her website.

Circuit 1: x2

Exercise Reps Weight
Overhead Press 10 10 lbs
Bicep Curl 12 12.5 lbs
Single-Arm Tricep Extension 10 each 10 lbs
Skiier 12 7.5 lbs
4 minute cardio interval
*Plank 45 sec bodywt

*I added the plank at the end to throw some abs in

Circuit 2: x2

Exercise Reps Weight
Plate Lift (Straight In Front) 15 10 lbs
*Hammer Curl/ Bicep Curl with Resistance Band 8 12.5 lbs
Standing Tricep Kickback 10 7.5 lbs
4 minute cardio interval
Full Range Lat Raise 10 7.5 lbs
*Russian Twists 12 10 lbs

*I did a hammer curl instead of using the resistance band, and, added the Russian Twists.

Stretching to finish it off

Total Time: 45 minutes

Calories: 325

Max HR: 158 (how I know I’m sick….b/c I wasn’t working that hard)

Avg HR: 128


Incidentally, those full range lat raises are SO MUCH FUN! I don’t know why I never did them before, but I love how they make my shoulders feel!


Worked, and am starting to feel a bit better. The triple whammy of cold (sore throat/fever/fatigue), monthly friend (headache/fatigue) and prenatal vitamins (which make me tired as hell for some reason) all pounced on me this week!

Made it to the gym, though, for a similar workout to yesterday, but for lower body:

15 minutes easy hills on the treadmill

2 sets of Julie Lohre circuits from her website. Circuit 1: x2

Exercise Reps Weight
Squat 20 Bodywt
Leg Press – Wide Stance w/ Toes Pointed Out 20 90 lbs
Lunge @ 45 degree angle 10 Bodywt
Deadlift 12 15 lb dumbbells
4 minute cardio interval
*Bicycle crunches 24 Bodywt

*Added the bicycle crunches

Circuit 2: x2

Exercise Reps Weight
Lying Hamstring Curl 10 70 lbs
Leg Curl 10 60 lbs
Ab/Adductor Machines 12 180 lbs
Hip Raises 20 Bodywt
Calf Raises 20 Bodywt
Reverse Curls with Leg Extension 20 Bodywt
4 minute cardio interval


Total Time: 55 minutes

Calories: 320

Max HR: 148

Avg HR: 122


Bad news bears for us…because of a series of changes to their benefits policy, my husband’s employer is going to be cutting his income by 20%. Suck.

I was just about to stop taking BCP and prep for us having a baby, but now I think I’m going to stay on it until I know more. I have spent my whole life terrified of getting pregnant at the wrong time…and that isn’t changing right now! 🙂

Before the 20% cut, we were going to make it, but were concerned about daycare costs…it’s just so freaking expensive. But with the 20% cut and electrical rate caps coming off in January, day care is out….so baby is out as well.

Thank goodness it happened before we started trying, I guess!

I made it to the gym for a just-cardio day today

30 minutes moderate hill intervals on the treadmill

15 minutes moderate on the stationary bike

5 minutes on the stair machine – my nemesis 🙂



Total Time: 50 minutes

Calories: 350

Max HR: 155

Avg HR: 120

Weekend Plans

  • I vow to make time for myself to sit, read, do whatever I want. We’ve been entirely too busy. It’s time for ‘me time’
  • As much as I’d love to make fall treats this weekend, an entire week spent scarfing down wedding cake and wedding cookies which we carted home from last weekend means STOP THE SUGAR ALREADY.  🙂
  • Hubs is hunting, and I am working on trying to meal plan our freezer a little emptier…if he gets a deer…I don’t know where I’m putting it. LOL

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