Several months ago, Sara (Psychgrad) over at Equal Opportunity Kitchen posted about several Random Acts of Kindness that had been bestowed upon her by fellow bloggers.

She decided to do a giveaway, and give away one of her own random acts of kindness.

I was the winner of that giveaway. And promptly forgot about it. Which is PROBABLY part of the beauty of the giveaway.

So Wednesday, I was off of work for the Veteran’s Day holiday, and the UPS man showed up at my door. I was more than a little confused, because I haven’t even started ordering Christmas presents yet, so I didn’t think I had anything coming…especially from…Amazon?

I ripped into it and discovered this:


Included was a little note from Sara, reminding me she hadn’t forgotten about the giveaway. She’d seen I was making quite a few crockpot meals (I love them, because they’re quick dinners on busy nights) and thought I’d find this cookbook useful!! And it’s from one of our fellow bloggers, so — bonus!!

So to Sara….

Thank you!!! I love it!!!

And to the rest of you…

Now it’s your turn!

I’m going to “pay it forward” so to speak, and do a similar giveaway. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post. Here’s the rules (sorry, there have to be rules!)

1. Leave a comment on this post no later than 9pm November 20th. I’ll pick 3 comments randomly, on whose authors I’ll bestow an act of kindness. I’ll announce the winners shortly after.

2. My kindness can be anything of my choosing. It might be handmade and it might be purchased, but it will be selected just for you. I make no guarantees that you’ll love it (or not find it odd or quirky), but I guarantee that it will be heartfelt on my part.

3.  I’m going to have to limit my kindness to bloggers from North America, because International Shipping terrifies me 🙂

4. You must have a blog to participate — because how else will I know anything about you? LOL

All you have to do is have a blog and be willing to pass on the kindness by creating a similar post. If you don’t blog and you’d like to participate on your own, play the game the old-fashioned way: find a neighbour, stranger or friend in need and fill it.

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