As I’m still battling…whatever it is that I am battling..cold? I kept my health goals kind of…err.. minimal. Assuming the doctor can tell me more about what’s wrong at tomorrow’s appointment, I may revise them…but I’ve been on my butt for 3 weeks, so it’ll be a slow return anyway. 😉



November Goals

Blog Goals

– Finish redesign of the new Kelly Be Well site and import both health and cooking blogs

  • I began my re-design with some help in October and I’m hoping to be done with the “moving pains” before December!


Life Goals

Get Better!!!

  • Obviously, this is paramount. I’ve had this weird trouble-breathing-inflammation-issue for 3 weeks now

– Sit & relax by 8:30 p.m. every night

  • I succeeded at the 9 p.m. goal I set in October, but could use a little more downtime in the evening, so I am upping it to 8:30

– Computer off by 9:30 p.m.

  • I need work on this one. Since I joined twitter for the new blog site, I find myself on my computer way too late every night. I need to unplug.

– Get Christmas cards addressed

  • I know…this sounds like a ridiculous goal for November, right? But I work for government, and we get 4 paid holidays in November. I always try to use one of those holidays to get my cards addressed because otherwise – it doesn’t happen!


Money Goals

– Set aside money for life insurance and car insurance; both which are due in December

  • This was an October goal that didn’t go well — determined to get these two big ticket items out of the way before Christmas shopping/paying for gifts begins


Health Goals

Get Better!!

  • I know, this is listed twice…but it’s pretty important 🙂

– Once better, work at incorporating intervals to build back up from my 3 week hiatus

  • I like intervals, but I always put off doing them. I don’t know why. Lazy I guess.

– Try some bodyrock workouts

  • It’s all bodyweight, which is different than what I normally do, but I’m pretty bored with my routine, so it looks like it might be fun to try some 🙂


Food Goals

– Continue avoiding the 2pm candy monster

  • I did well with this in October and would like to continue not raiding the candy dish 🙂

– Find a sweet, healthy snack for evening

  • More often than not I want something sweet at night….and while I am generally successful at ignoring this want, I need a Plan B for those days I must have something 😉

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