As you may have noticed (or not…) I fell off the face of the earth for most of November and December – especially on the fitness front.

I continue to have some problems with my breathing, and have officially stumped my PCP. The next step is that I am currently on acid-reflux medication (it does seem to help, but the side effect of nausea is taking over my life) and I need to make an appointment with an allergist for a full panel to see what is up. My breathing tests all come back that I have a nice, strong exhale, but I don’t feel like I’m getting all my breath. And I have good days and bad days, which adds to the struggle of planning fitness and life.

So! Here’s a review of November’s goals. I didn’t set any December goals officially on the blog, and unofficially my only goal was to survive the holiday season.  Tongue out

November Goals

Blog Goals

– Finish redesign of the new Kelly Be Well site and import both health and cooking blogs

  • Done! Sarah finished in early December, I think, and she’s still helping me work out the kinks and learn my blog. I’m also still working on updating my tags from the two old blogs.

Life Goals

– Get Better!!!

  • Obviously not done….

Sit & relax by 8:30 p.m. every night

  • I did badly at this one during the holiday season. Just too much going on, and my sleep has been affected as a result.

Computer off by 9:30 p.m.

  • Managed to maintain this one!

Get Christmas cards addressed

  • Cards were addressed on 11/7 and sent out the first week of December. Success!

Money Goals

– Set aside money for life insurance and car insurance; both which are due in December

  • Done!

Health Goals

Get Better!!

  • Still tryin’….

Once better, work at incorporating intervals to build back up from my 3 week hiatus

  • Still struggling here because I am still having issues

Try some bodyrock workouts

  • Not yet, but I’ve been watching them and getting a feel for it

Food Goals

Continue avoiding the 2pm candy monster

  • Hugely successful here….I no longer consider it a daily challenge to avoid it

Find a sweet, healthy snack for evening

  • Admittedly this has been Christmas cookies as of late. LOL

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