Hi all.

What ruins your vacation faster than anything? This:

That’s my husband. Standing flat-footed, barefoot on my basement floor on Thursday. Note my taco shells floating by in the background, and my pack of napkins in the forefront.

Tropical depression? Storm? whatever – Lee dumped about 13 inches of rain on us in 2 days. Our friends checked our house, and after several hours, it was advised we break our vacation and come home as soon as possible. When we arrived, we were at 4 feet of water.

So, we’re pumping this out. Cleaning. Buying all new appliances, food, everything. We stored a lot of items in our basement and have lost them all.

Needless to say, there’s a lot of take-out happening. So no Menu this week, but I am hoping to be back on my feet for next Monday.

Thanks all.

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