A bit boring around here on the menu front this week….but to be honest, it’s so damn hot I can’t bring myself to be creative. I just want to lounge. With mint iced tea. In the a/c, with a fan going. And maybe read a book.

That sounds perfect. 🙂

Saturday: no plan. we haven’t eaten out in ages b/c we’re trying to save money…but maybe a little something this night

Sunday: ILs over for crabs and corn (burgers + potatoes for my FIL)…or homemade pizza as a backup (ham + pineapple)

Monday: steak, steamed cauliflower, pasta

Tuesday: lasagna for two (from the freezer); salad; garlic bread

Wednesday: grilled buttermilk chicken, grilled potatoes + herbs, garlic green beans (from my garden)

Thursday: either the pizza scheduled as backup for Sunday, or, mahi mahi filets, wild rice, broccoli

Friday: leftover chicken from Thursday, macaroni and cheese, cucumber salad (from my garden)

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