I’ve starting trying to eat out some of the food in our freezer! We originally bought the freezer last year because DH got a deer…and then another deer…and we had to have somewhere to keep the meat! But over the last year, I’ve also been stocking up, making meals, and buying meat in bulk. Result?

I have a full freezer and it’s deer season again. Eep!

So just in case husband comes home with more venison, we’re eating some meat and large items from the freezer this week.

Saturday: out

Sunday: engagement chicken (how’s that for a blast from the past?), mashed potatoes, green beans

Monday: grilled steak, steamed broccoli, pasta

Tuesday: white chicken chili and tortilla chips

Wednesday: shepherd’s pie

Thursday: lasagna for two or baked ziti (both in the freezer!)

Friday: leftover shepherd’s pie

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