Menu Plan Monday

Short/odd week this week, as DH is going rafting this weekend, and one of my friends from home is coming to visit me — not sure what we girls will be eating next weekend, yet!

Saturday: Made the most delicious fruit dip ever for a party…

Sunday: Prep day…

  • Made bread for DH
  • Chopped veggies
  • Cooked sausage for our lasagna
  • Took steaks out to thaw for Monday

Monday: steak, cauliflower, pasta

Tuesday: lasagna for two, salad

Wednesday: parmesan breaded pork chops, steamed broccoli, rice pilaf

Thursday: FAIR FOOD! Headed to the local fair to eat junk – lol

Friday: not sure yet — DH will be gone, but I don’t know when my friend is arriving!

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