I grew up on a farm, and while I miss the serenity and peace of the country something fierce — there are benefits to living in the city.

I walk to work. That, with the price of gas, is awesome. But the best part, by far — is Central Market. It’s less than a block from my apartment!

I’m no photographer, but I thought I’d share some images of the place I buy most of my fresh foods. Unfortunately, I was a little late this day, so no delicious meat-counter shots!

(P.S. I also bought everything for my recipe exchange recipe at market this day!)

Florist outside my apartment

View of my street

Local art bar — you can purchase items, or, arrange for groups to create art you can take home!

Local eatery

Central Market

Central Market

Local soap shop

Local shop

Local shop

Beautiful building across from market. It’s currently a youth mission, but it was originally the first post office in town.

Local theatre, behind my apartment building. We saw Ricky Skaggs and Bruce Hornsby here recently, but there are shows every weekend.

Full shot of central market!

Sushi restaurant at market

Welcome to Central Market!

Eatery inside of market

This is Mezzogirno’s area

Local fish market. We’re about 45 minutes from the Chesapeake, so we always have fresh seafood in the area.In the center of market is a little piano. There’s always a gentleman or lady playing it. Occassionally somebody comes along and sings a song as well.
Vegetable stand! These guys are fantastic, and it’s where I get most of my fruits and veggies

The Gypsy Garden — every dried spice you’ve ever wanted or needed
Can’t forget the soft pretzels, of course!
tThe alley behind market is called Cherry Lane. This sign designates a small park, called Cherry Court.
There are many murals all over the city. Two types — above, the more modern style. This one portrays Pfaltzgraf dishes, which were made here until recently.
The second type of murals are colonial-style murals — often depicting historical events, and including a scrawled poem or message.

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