March Goals Recap!


  • Get those workouts posted! –Um..not so much. I am failing at this. haha
  • Link the bodyrock workouts I’ve done for easy access later – Done. But I haven’t done any bodyrock workouts in a few weeks.
  • Get book reviews posted on books I’ve read – Done! Woohoo! I decided to post them in monthly chunks to make it easier on me.


  • Focus on wrangling the’s been very, very bad – Well, I’ve been focused on it, but it’s still bad. I don’t feel like I’m making any progress and, truthfully, feeling very stuck and depressed about it.


  • Re-incorporate minimal running to see if my hip can handle it – Fail. I did try to incorporate it – and my hip promptly told me hell no.


  • Plan my garden & get my seeds ordered/started – Done! I have all my seeds ready. I decided not to start things indoors this year, because I don’t really have anywhere good to keep the stuff. Sad smile I planted a bunch of stuff from seed last year, so I’m going to do that again.


  • Keep saving! It’s going well – just gotta keep that forward momentum! – Done! Smile

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