Keeping it simple for January, but returning to my monthly goals…



  • Clean out my Google Reader – I keep adding and adding blogs, but I often catch myself marking “All Read” on some over and over again. It’s time to get rid of those ones. Most of them are very good blogs, but perhaps they’re too focused (running blogs) or perhaps they post too many things (Tastespotting) for me to keep up.
  • Blog when the mood strikes and straggle the posts out over time – no more force-blogging. I’m only doing it when I have something to say or share.


  • Make an appointment with an allergist and get a full panel done – to see if it’s allergies causing me so much chest tightness and problems
  • Dedicate 30 minutes a day to reading – I used to be an avid reader, plowing through books at an alarming pace…but 2010 found me completing nothing but the Outlander series (granted, that was about 12,000 pages…) and I need to remember to dedicate time to this hobby because I truly love it.


  • Try workouts – these interest me but I’ve been putting off trying them because they’re relatively high intensity and I’ve been struggling with my chest tightening up…but it’s time to try them. If I have to slow them down, I will.
  • Try slowly incorporating intervals – I’ve been putting these off (except for easy-ish versions on the elliptical) because of the breathing, but I need to get back into them


  • Cut back the sugar intake – I have seriously over-indulged in sugary confections over the holiday and it’s taking it’s toll. I’m hungry all the time, vegetables are hard to choke down, and I keep reaching for the cookies instead. Time to cut back.
  • Work on finding more meatless meals that DH will eat – we’ve always pretty much failed at this. Aside from last minute lasagna or a roasted vegetable pasta dish, hubs doesn’t do vegetarian. He complains it doesn’t fill him up (and honestly? sometimes I agree. We both lift heavy. We likes our protein in mass quantity…and hubs doesn’t think beans as meat replacement counts.) Any recommendations?


  • Increase amount automatically deposited in savings by $80 a month ($40 per paycheck) – I want to have an appropriate amount of savings in place before we begin trying for baby…I figure DURING pregnancy all our funds will go towards prepping for baby, and my leave from work would be 12 weeks… unpaid. I’d feel more comfortable with that 12 weeks (or nearly) worth of salary in my savings set aside solely for this purpose. Plus, it’s never a bad idea to increase savings, right?!

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