• Clean out my Google ReaderCHECK! I did better with this, and I am removing blogs every day when I find myself skipping over their content. I’m also adding new blogs all the time, though, so I don’t know if I’m making any progress on getting the list shorter. LOL
  • Blog when the mood strikes and straggle the posts out over timeCheck! I’ve been blogging a lot on the weekends and just setting the posts to post throughout the week. It works for now.


  • Make an appointment with an allergist and get a full panel doneFAIL. I didn’t even make an appointment. But my breathing seems better and I guess that’s why. I probably should still go.
  • Dedicate 30 minutes a day to readingCHECK! I read 6 books in January…I must be doin’ something right. Honestly, the Kindle helps. It’s always in my purse and I find myself fitting in a few pages every time I have to wait in line, etc.


  • Try workoutsCHECK! Zusana is serious shit, y’all. Holy crap. I can’t even so half as many ANYTHINGS as she does, but the workouts are a lot of fun and I can do them in my living room on Sunday afternoon. Which is perfect. I’d like to get a timer, sandbag, and jump rope and let these workouts be more than once a week, but we’ll see. I am literally sore for DAYS after one work out.
  • Try slowly incorporating intervalsCHECK! Intervals and I are back in action. Still working up to the level I was at this past summer, but at least I’m working on it.


  • Cut back the sugar intakeHalf check? I have cut back, but I am still eating more sugar than I realize most days. Still a work in progress.
  • Work on finding more meatless meals that DH will eatFAIL. Yeah, we’re still eating meat most nights.


  • Increase amount automatically deposited in savings by $80 a month ($40 per paycheck)CHECK! It ain’t much, but that $80 is going in, steady as she goes 🙂

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