I’m kind of a Pillsbury geek. I love making things from scratch, but there’s just something about how Pillsbury lays out their website and their cookbooks that just draws me in. I have no idea why, but I am constantly browsing recipes at Pillsbury.com haha

That being said – I’ve been voting on pairings for this year’s Pillsbury Bakeoff. Every week at www.bakeoff.com there is a new pairing to vote on. It’s so much fun!

Voting continues through October 1st. Check it out 🙂

Onto the Giveaway….

Thanks to the gracious ladies at MyBlogSpark, two of my readers will be receiving a prize pack!


It includes:

  • A glossy magazine chock full of past Pillsbury Bake-off winning recipes (with tons of pictures!!)
  • A cute Pillsbury Dough-Boy doll — he even giggles when you squeeze him! (Thus totally freaking out my dog…but nonetheless)

I received one of these prize packs as well, and I’m really loving the magazine. It’s got a lot of fun recipes in it!

To enter, leave a comment below — it can be anything, but if you want a topic, let me know… what was the last dish you made to take to a picnic?

Comments will be taken until Thursday, August 27th, and two winners will be drawn then and announced!

Have fun!

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