Okay. Not THAT bootcamp. I’d probably have an anxiety attack and then, well, die. (Source)

This bootcamp!


Since finishing Jamie Eason’s LiveFit workout from I found myself doing a lot of the circuit workouts that Tina posted on her site. After finishing LiveFit, I craved circuits; fast workouts. At the end there, those Jamie Eason workouts took far too long for my timeframe after work!

So when Tina offered her Best Body Bootcamp, I immediately signed up. I knew the workouts would be awesome, and I just ADORE following a plan I didn’t write myself….because frankly, it usually incorporates moves I leave out because I hate them. Smile

I started Monday and am thrilled with the workouts! I couldn’t ask for more. Tina is awesome.

This program is 8 weeks, and includes cardio, strength, balance, and flexibility moves. It’s widely varied, which helps. Additionally, we’re tracking our own customizable goals each week, and our successes translate into entries for sweet prizes! Talk about motivation? Smile

Because there was a small entry fee for the bootcamp, and to respect Tina’s creative genius, I won’t be posting these workouts here. My hope is that we are successful in this bootcamp and she’ll do another one….so all of you can participate! Open-mouthed smile

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