There’s a wonderful little organic/healthy/vegan-if-you-want-it-that-way restaurant at our Central Market. I love them! It’s called Under One Sun, and my usual order is a “green drink”.

I know it sounds a bit silly, but if I’m feeling a little funky, this little gem makes me feel so much better. Maybe it’s the combination of ingredients?

Regardless, our market is only open 3 days a week…and Under One Sun sells these delicious little morsels for $5.50 a pop.

So yeah. It can get expensive, and depending on my schedule, I may not get there on a day they’re open.


Make it at home.

I still buy them from Under One Sun when I’m out and about, but if I want one on a non-market day, I have the option! And I also don’t know that this is exactly how they make theirs.

Now, I will warn you that DH thinks this tastes like, well, ass. But I LOVE it. So to each their own, I guess.

Green Drink

(Under One Sun…and moi)

1 cup orange juice (if you can get fresh squeezed it’s heavenly; otherwise regular will do)

1.5-2 cups fresh baby spinach

1/4 navel orange, peeled and sectioned, seeds removed

1/2 gala apple (medium)

1/2 banana (I prefer if my banana is frozen before it goes in but it doesn’t matter)

ice cubes (3-4)

4-5 fresh mint leaves

2-3 pinches of fresh parsley leaves (I can’t figure out how else to measure this. maybe 1 tbsp unchopped parsley leaves?)


– pop it all in the blender and blend until all the ice and fruit are blended smooth

– drink up!

Here are the nutrition stats:

1 Serving

Amount Per Serving

Calories 236.5
Fat 1.5
Sat. Fat .3
Poly. Fat .4
Mono Fat .2
Cholesterol 0
Sodium 38.6
Potassium 1,120.5
Carbs 56.4
Fiber 5.8
Sugar 33.8
Protein 4.4


Vit A 91.8%
B-12 0%
B-6 31.2%
C 213.9%
D 0.0%
E 9.1%
Calcium 9.6%
Copper 13.4%
Folate 39.7%
Iron 11.1%
Magnesium 22%
Maganese 29.7%
Niacin 7.6%
Pantothenic Acid 8.2%
Phosphorus 7.2%
Riboflavin 13.2%
Selenium 2.6%
Thiamin 25.9%
Zinc 3.3%

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