I kid, I kid. But I do love me some Calvin & Hobbes.

I do agree with Mere, though — I like the word “Goals” better than “Resolutions”

And by all means — don’t just make new goals on New Years! As you achieve goals you’ve set for yourself — make new ones! Keep moving forward!

And if you have goals you haven’t met — re-evaluate them. Are they possible? Are there things or people standing in your way of the goal? Can you do anything about those things or people standing in your way?

Alright — off the soapbox.

Below are my goals for 2010 — at least the initial set. I’ve come a long way in my fitness and eating goals, but I still have a lot of room to improve. These are the items I’ve chosen to work on:

  • Try 30 days with no white sugar: This is more just a scientific test on my body. While I try to limit white sugar intake, it seems like it’s all too easy to scarf down something full of sugar when I’m stressed out, tired, hungry, whatever. I’d like to try minimizing the amount of white sugar in my diet to see how it makes me feel. The biggest aspect of this challenge will probably be the “hidden sugar” in so many products. I imagine this will just make me eat cleaner, but we shall see.
  • Try 30 days with no white flour: I should note that this will not co-incide with the white sugar challenge…at least not initially. Based on my success rate of doing them independently, I may come back later and do them together. I don’t anticipate as much trouble with this challenge as the sugar challenge. As a result of IBS and other digestive problems over the years, I tend to already eat most grain items in whole form. However, I do still occasionally eat white flour items, and would like to see how it feels with it completely out of my system.
  • Start a health blog to better keep track of my workouts, healthy eats, and other items that don’t really belong on my cooking blog:  Heyyyyyy — check! I’m doing that right now! LOL
  • Strive for 1-2 vegetarian lunches per week: I am, admittedly a huge carnivore. I love meat. Especially poultry. But I acknowledge that vegetarian options can be healthy, delicious, filling, and full of protein as well, and would like to learn to incorporate more of that into my life. I’m beginning with lunch, which I completely control as I pack my own lunches for work.
  • Include at least one fish and/or vegetarian dinner in each week’s meal plan: My meal plan gets posted each Monday over on my cooking blog, and I’m going to strive to include more fish and vegetarian options for our dinners. I am concerned about vegetarian options, as DH is a huge meat eater. But I’m willing to try!
  • Expand my use of the gym — try yoga and spinning classes at the YMCA: I am a bit of a loner at the gym (DH goes with me, but we work out independently) and so I’ve been awfully shy all these years about going to classes. I don’t know anyone! And I know NOTHING about spinning! But I’m going to try to overcome that fear and try the class. As far as yoga goes, I’ve always done home practice, but I acknowledge how beneficial classes can be, and instructors that can assist you, so I want to try it out.
  • Continue to work on strengthening/stretching my hip flexors, lower back, and core: These were the instructions I was given at physical therapy when I was rehabbed for piriformis syndrome in early 2009. I want to be able to run again, and want to focus on doing the exercises and stretches I need to get back in the game.
  • Use C25K to get back into running again: This one will depend on the health of my hip. But I’m hoping with a structured plan and continuing to exercise and strengthen my hips, I can get back out on the running trail again.

There they are! That’s what I’ll be working on for the next few months — here’s to 2010!

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