I’m a little late on my giveaway, because I wanted to make sure I’d eaten the entree and could provide you with a review! 🙂

MyBlogSpark in conjunction with Good Earth provided me with a free whole grain/nutritious take on a prepared meal. The flavor I received was Good Earth Mediterranean Chicken. These meals are 100% whole grain, no trans fat, no artificial flavors, no artificial preservatives, no MSG — pretty impressive for a boxed meal!

I made this entree per the instructions —  and it was actually really good! It lacks in the veggies department  — Good Earth, try to add more veggies….or recommend them on the back! — so I ended up sauteeing some leftover summer squash and adding it — which made it a perfect, well-rounded meal.

Now you get to try it! And in addition, you get some cool swanky gear as well….

You get:

  • 1 box Good Earth Mediterranean Chicken meal
  • 2 sets of bamboo utensils (fork, knife, spoon)
  • 2 small bamboo plates
  • 1 small bamboo cutting board
  • 1 large reuseable Jute bag

The utensils and plates are awesome — I took mine to work to use instead of using plastic when I need a plate/fork/knife/spoon!

The little cutting board is a life saver when you just need to slice some onion, or one veggie, or something, and don’t want to dirty your big board…

And the reuseable bad is sweet! It’s kind of hefty, so you can put weight in it with no worries!

Now onto the giveaway….

Just leave a comment below — any comment, really! And you’ll be entered in my giveaway for the swag above.

End date is Monday,  19th at 5pm EST! I will draw a winner Monday evening and announce it here!

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