• Get all my workouts posted; I currently have a backlog of written down but not posted workouts – FAIL. I posted a few, but the pile is still looming 🙂


  • Keep making time for reading…I missed it so much! – SUCCESS!


  • Try to incorporate more exercises to combat the fact that I spend 8 hours a day attached to a non-ergonomic chair and desk, 5 days a week. I can feel it. This will also help my hip issues, I think – FAIL. Again, I didn’t even bother researching this…but I tried to run again the other day and it was bad, so back to the ol’ hip/glute exercises and stretches.
  • Buy a jump rope – SUCCESS! Well, kind of. I bought a rope…and promptly realized my rancher-style house is too friggin’ short to jump rope in. Gah.


  • Re-focus on whole foods – I’ve been straying to white carbs and basic foods that aren’t the best choices. – 1/2 SUCCESS. Still struggling with this…been having a lot of anxiety trouble, which equates tummy trouble…which means white, simple carbs look best to me.


  • Keep looking for places to cut. DH’s biological clock is ticking and he’d like to start a family soon, but we can’t figure out how to afford day care. We’ve cut back in a ton of areas, I just need to take another look and see where else we can. – FAIL…truthfully I didn’t even look at it

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