Wikipedia’s Definition of Bronchiolitis: Bronchiolitis is inflammation of the bronchioles, the smallest air passages of the lungs. This inflammation is usually caused by viruses.

Kelly’s Definiton of Bronchiolitis: FREAKING CRAP IT’S HARD TO BREATHE. Why is walking from the couch to the kitchen suddenly HARD?  And…oh yeah…look at that….not being able to breathe makes my anxiety trigger-happy. NIIIICE. 🙁

Yeah, so….I had a cold…the same cold my whole office had. Now we all have this mess. It FEELS like bronchitis, but because it’s viral, the only thing the doctor can give you is an inhaler. Which doesn’t particularly help all that much (at least in my case).

The funniest part is if you google this condition, it insists that it usually only occurs in children. SMALL children – 3-6 months of age – and yet a whole office of women between 23 – 60 years of age have it. 🙂

Naturally, since it’s hard to breathe, I haven’t been particularly active. I did work out last week 4 days, but it ended up making me feel worse. I’ve had this for about 10 days now, so hopefully the internet is right and around 14 days I will start to feel better.

God I hope so. Walking up and down one flight of stairs shouldn’t make me feel like I just completed HIIT. 🙂

The good news is, Holly did everything she could to make me feel better. See?


Workin’ hard. Crazy dog. (Don’t mind my sheet-covered couch…pup sheds more than her bodyweight in spring/fall)

October Goals Review:

Following Janetha and Susan’s advice, I set some goals for October. Here’s how they went:

Blog Goals

  • Post at least 1x/week on the fitness blog I was doing well with this until the plague hit.
  • Post at least 2x/week on the food blog Doing well here! I’ve been averaging 1 menu and 1 new dish per week
  • Look into combining my food and fitness blogs into one blog This one is actually in motion — I found a woman who is a SAHM and does some bloggy schtuff on the side, so I’m working with her. SO EXCITED!

Life Goals

  • Stop taking BCP (seriously terrified about this!!!) This one didn’t happen. Hubs is receiving a 20% cut in pay at work (!@#$), so I didn’t go off the pill. I figure now would NOT be a good time to accidentally get pregnant. Hubs is looking for a new job (but you know what the market is like out there. UGH) and we’re going to re-evaluate soon. It’s funny..I wasn’t really sure I was looking forward to having a baby, but now that it’s been taken away from me, I’m like WTF?! 🙂
  • Start charting This didn’t happen since I didn’t stop taking the pill.
  • Make it a priority to be sitting down/relaxing by 9pm every night (earlier is better, but 9pm is a must!) I am doing really frickin’ well with this, but I wonder how much of it is because I’m too sick to do anything else.

Money Goals

  • Get back to saving monthly Yeah…this…didn’t happen so much. The wedding the beginning of October kind of crushed this goal.
  • Bank my car payment amount (I paid my car off in September, and will be looking to replace it in January, so I want to ‘bank’ my car payment amount until then!) Doing well with this! And I’m glad, since my car just depreciated a little bit again. I’m chomping at the bit to replace it, but I am holding out for the deals to start on the 2011’s.
  • Get life insurance and car insurance money together in Oct (due in Dec) These didn’t happen. At all. Ugh. That wedding really wiped me out.

Work Out Goals

  • Work on cardio endurance. More HIIT, more strength training circuits to increase stamina Didn’t happen. I’ve been down for the count with this bronchio issue for most of October, and it’s hard to do HIIT or circuits when you’re having difficulty breathing.
  • Yoga (minimum 2x a week)…focus on lengthening and stretching my incredibly cramped-up muscles Doing well with this, all things expected. It’s hard to stay in downward dog when your chest is constricted. 🙂
  • Focus on strengthening/stretching my hip flexors/glutes to work on my piriformis pain/knotted muscle I did really well with this the beginning of the month, but have slacked off with my illness. 🙁

Food Goals

  • Stop the afternoon candy dish attack. Seriously. I’m not even hungry, I just like how the sugar makes me feel. I’m willing to admit it. Success on this goal! I am doing much better at not attacking the candy dish…I didn’t have any the last 2 weeks, and I have a ton of Halloween candy in my house I haven’t touched. Woohoo!
  • Limit desserts. No, you don’t need it every.single.night Doing well here too. On nights that I think I’ll go apeshit if I don’t have something to eat, I have a small mug of cereal+milk, and that’s helped immensely.


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