I read the initial book in this ‘series’ last year, and read Monster Hunter Vendetta in January, but really, the two books are quite similar and to deal with chronological issues I’m writing about both, here.

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These definitely aren’t female-centric books. In fact, I’d say that if the idea that monsters are real, and secret organizations (both private and governmental) hunt and kill these monsters, doesn’t float your boat…then Monster Hunter International and Monster Hunter Vendetta probably aren’t for you.

If you’re a gun buff, you’ll probably enjoy this book, as the gun details are accurate, and, well, detailed.

All that being said, and acknowledging that I am neither a) male, or b) a gun buff….these stories were definitely interesting, and a refreshing break from the normal stuff I read. They were purchased by my gun buff, very-male husband, and he encouraged me to read them.

If you like sci-fi and fantasy, give them a try 🙂

My GoodReads review:

I ended up reading them because my husband was so hooked on the series (I dare say he stumbled across Larry Correia on a gun forum of some type, as my husband IS a gun buff) and found him to be very funny and a decent writer. Once he read the books, he acknowledged they weren’t my normal brand of entertainment but encouraged me to read them anyway. I’m glad I did. The characters are likable and have lots of depth, the storyline is action packed, and it’s actually really funny! 🙂

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