My blog-i-versary was last week (Wednesday) but due to new puppy, the giveaways celebrating it had to be pushed back!

But now they’re here!
All winners will be chosen by

Giveaway entries must be received (by way of comments to this post) by Saturday, January 31, 2009.

Blog-i-versary Giveaway #1!
1 Free Box of the new “Create Your Own” Fruit Roll-Ups! (1 box contains 30 fruit roll-ups)

I received this wonderful giveaway from MyBlogSpark — they were kind enough to provide me with a box, as well as a code so that YOU can design a box!

Now I know what you’re thinking — that the only people who could possibly have a use for 30 personalized Fruit Roll-ups are parents.

This, my friends, is not true.

My DH likes — nay, he LOVES — fruit rollups. The man takes them to work as part of his breakfast. I kid you not.

So I got him a box of Valentine’s themed ones. But you can do ANYTHING — you can put personalized messages, personalized pictures — the sky’s the limit!

Well, as long as you like Strawberry, that is. They only come in Strawberry. 🙂
If you’d like more information, or to see what designs are available, go to

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