Here they are! The best of 2012, on my blog. This first list of 10 was chosen by the sheer number of views on my blog – number one was well over 1,000! These recipes are from all across the years.

The second list, which I’ll post separately, is what my husband and I thought were some of the ‘best new recipes’ of 2012.



Top 10 Recipes by Views in 2012

10. Crockpot Baked Potato Soupthis super-easy crockpot soup is very hearty and great for the cold winter months! I bulked up the protein in mine by adding cooked, shredded chicken.


9. Curried Chicken Salad with Apples, Raisins, and Walnutsholy cow!! This recipe was posted in late December 2012, and grew quickly! This is a very tasty and different take on chicken salad that I made for packed lunches at work. Try it!


8. Potato Crusted White Fish – this was a delicious and quick dinner for us several years ago – and it continues to be a favorite on the blog. Delicious!


7. Healthy Banana Bread Cookies – these are the best banana cookies I have ever had – and they really aren’t all that bad for you (considering they are a cookie!)


6. Cut-Out Sugar Cookies – hands down, the best cut-out sugar cookie recipe I’ve ever had. It’s my go-to. And I’m VERY picky about my cut-outs. Smile The small amount of lemon zest in the recipe really makes it something special.


5. ‘Quick’ Chocolate Gobs with Peanut Butter Filling – these were a hit! As were their vanilla-filled counterparts, which will appear on this list. Smile


4. Orangeade – just like the fresh squeezed version you get at the Fair! Delicious stuff – well worth all that juicin’!


3. In-n-Out Copycat Burger – this one is very popular! I don’t think it tastes particularly like the delicious In-n’-Out, but it is an amazing burger sauce nonetheless, and should be tried!


2. Protein-Rich Baked Oatmeal – with fruit and a whopping 15g of protein, this baked oatmeal recipe is a winner! It can also be made in advance and re-heated throughout the week for quick breakfasts…and it’s very adaptable.


1. ‘Quick’ Chocolate Gobs with Vanilla Filling – with well over 1,000 views, the vanilla-filled chocolate gobs..well…take the cake! They really are delicious. Winking smile


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