I have a question about the 20 Garlic clove chicken recipe.  Your recipe calls for 5-7lb. chicken and I could only find a 4 pound.  How do I got about adjusting the recipe for my itty bitty bird?  Thanks!

As far as having a 4-lb. bird versus a 5-6 lb. bird for the recipe, I’d say you are fine to leave the recipe as-is. 4-5 lbs isn’t enough of a difference to make the flavor overbearing on the smaller bird, so you should be good to go.
I’d say if you go larger than a 6 lb bird, though, a) make a video of you stuffing it in the crockpot, cuz i’d love to see it. haha and b) I would maybe increase the spices as well as the garlic by 1/2.

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