About Me


Hi and welcome! My name is Kelly Blechertas. This blog was born way back – 2008, to be exact – as a post-wedding-planning hobby. That was a lifetime ago – a lifetime full of buying a home, getting a dog, children, success in a high-pressure job, and developing adult hobbies. This blog has had a few transitions and variations over the years. This is the (latest) rebirth.


Meal Plans + Recipes

I use this space to provide the monthly dinner plans I prepare for my household, as well as the recipes that we love. You may also see me post a bit about my family and our hobbies or day-to-day life. Some recipes come from other brilliant cooks and bakers out there on the Internet, and some come from carefully hand-written family recipe cards, handed down through the generations. 

Good Cooking Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

I am a believer that anyone can cook and that it doesn’t have to be complicated – so if you see a recipe here that you have questions about, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask! The majority of the recipes here can be made in under an hour with appropriate preparation – because in this stage of life, time is money. 

Life With Kelly 

I am a mom to two fantastic kids – a boy and a girl, and married to an incredibly supportive man.  I am so grateful that they encourage and support me in these endeavors. Besides crafting home-cooked meals, desserts, and appetizers for family and friends, I love reading and writing novels (I’m a romance junkie!), exercising for my mental and physical health, and having great adventures with my family. 

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