I headed to the gym with Janetha’s full body workout in my pocket. And what I learned is…

  1. Janetha is awesome and fast.
  2. I am in remarkably bad shape for someone who spends an hour at the gym 5x a week

I knew I’d kind of been slacking on the intensity of my workouts, but I literally only made it through 2 of Janetha’s circuits before I called quits.

I did:

9 minute warm-up on the elliptical: I set for a moderately low incline, and increased the resistance every minute for 9 minutes

Circuit 1: x3

Exercise Weight Reps
Bulgarian Split Squat with Shoulder Press 7.5 lbs 12
Deadlift to Bent Over Row 10 lbs 12
Ball Crunches Holding Weight 10 lbs 24

Circuit 2: x3

Exercise Weight Reps
Bench Step Up with Knee Up (holding dumbbells) 10 lbs 12
Lunge with Bicep Curl 10 lbs 12
Bench Tuck Crunches Bodyweight 24

10 minutes of intervals on elliptical – 30s fast, 1m steady


Duration: 1 hour (and she fit two more intervals in there! YIKES!)

Calories: 579

Max HR: 170

Avg HR: 140

… It wasn’t so much the weight or combination moves that did me in (honestly, the weight was light. I kept it light so I could keep moving quickly) it was the circuits. It was so fast! And I only did half! I always did suck at moving fast through leg moves…it’s like I get Charlie horses or something. LOL


Thought it was a good day to try Gina’s cookie dough cereal – it looked delicious, and it tasted delicious. Only one problem: oatmeal and I do not get along. I’ve tried, for years to like the stuff…it seems the whole health world and blog-o-sphere is obsessed with it. The problem? It hurts my stomach. I eat plenty of fiber, so that’s not it….but oatmeal prepared makes me feel bloated and gross, or, when eaten raw (like in the cookie dough cereal, or in a smoothie) it just gives me painful cramps.

In short? I need to learn oatmeal isn’t for me.



That being said, Gina’s cookie dough cereal? Delish. I’m a texture eater, and it had GREAT texture! And it was easy to mix up and transport to work, which is also great. 🙂

Work has been really rough lately, and I was invited to go out for a quick happy hour – so I went. Let’s call it “mental health exercise”. 🙂 I didn’t drink (just water with lemon, please) but it was good to laugh with my co-workers for an hour or so. I set a limit for myself that I had to leave by 5:30 so I could stop at the eye doctor and get my glasses adjusted (I feel like I do this weekly. I have no idea how my glasses continually get off kilter) and still make it home in time to do a brisk hills walk with the pup (bonus points for combining cardio and walking the dog!) as well as some yoga.

40 minute hill walk with the pup (hubs even came! Family affair!) + 25 minutes of Yoga for Runners

Duration: 1h5m

Calories: 360

Max HR: 155

Avg HR: 125 (Yoga brought it down)

I don’t know that it was a successful return to cardio, but I’m impressed I managed to do happy hour, glasses adjustment, walk the dog, cardio, and yoga in 3 hours! Hubs was kind enough to heat up our leftovers which also helped immensely in the whole timeframe thing! 🙂


Having been humbled by my attempt at Janetha’s workout on Monday, I decided to finish up the circuits I missed.

9 minute warm-up on the stationary bike; increasing resistance each minute

Circuit 3: x3

Exercise Weight Reps
Wide Stance Barbell Squat 40 lb barbell 12
Side Lunge with Upright Row 10 lbs 12
Elbow to Knee Crunches (Bosu) Bodyweight 24

Circuit 4: x3

Exercise Weight Reps
Lying Butt Bridge with Dumbbell Chest Press 10 lbs 12
Lying Side Leg Raise Bodyweight 12
Donkey Kicks Bodyweight 12

And then I added some Lying Leg Raises (on a bench) – 3×12 for abs

10 minutes of intervals on the stationary bike – 30s fast, 1m moderate


Duration: 1h5m

Calories: 473

Max HR: 163

Avg HR: 135

Delicious dinner was fish tacos with baja cream sauce. OMG they’re good. And SO fast to make. 🙂


By this point in my week, Life has been super-stressful since we returned from vacation, and it’s all catching up with me!

I had some trouble sleeping this week and turning my brain off…hoping it will all be better once the wedding this weekend is over with!

I’m a Type-A/obsessive planner, and my best-friend-forever….is not. At all. And she’s getting married. And she’s driving me insane, because there are no details. ARGH! 🙂 She’s of the attitude “eh, we’ll figure it out on Saturday.” – see, I’d prefer not to. Just sayin’. 🙂

I headed to the gym after work today to crank out some cardio:

  • 20 minutes of intervals on the elliptical – 30s fast; 1m moderate
  • Walked on the treadmill for 10 minutes to finish my magazine 🙂
  • Headed home, walked the pup briskly on our hill route again for 30 minutes
  • Finished it all up with 20 minutes of Fusion Yoga

Duration: 1h10m


Max HR: 164

Avg HR: 120 (Yoga brought it down)


Leaving work early…packing up the car and heading back to my hometown for the wedding! 🙂

Neat Schtuff – the government was mandated to provide a single place for people to shop for public and private health insurance (as part of the health bill that was passed) and have recently released this site. I’m lucky to have insurance through my employer, but thought it might be helpful to others if I post it here!

The Value of Reducing Stress – just in case we all needed a reminder (including me!):)

I grabbed these from Angela @ OhSheGlows….important to remember :):

Zuda Yoga Teacher Training – 7 axioms/Universal Truths

1. You are exactly where you are supposed to be my favorite one!
2. Fear and pain are life’s greatest teachers
3. Laughter and play are the keys to the fountain of youth
4. Exercise and rest are the keys to vibrant health
5. Touch and intimacy are basic human needs
6. Everything is impermanent
7. Everything is connected

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