Hubs and I haven’t been anywhere since our honeymoon, nearly three years ago.

Those three years have been filled with saving and purchasing a home, and then renovating said home (which will never end, it seems). But when the opportunity arose to spend a week in the Outer Banks, NC, that we could actually afford, we took it.

Hubs needs vacation. I, on the other hand, am content with just “time off”. Hubs, though, needs to escape – needs to go someplace and have adventures. I simply need to not be at work, and have time to read. I’m a pretty simple creature. 🙂

So we’re schedule to head to the Carolinas this weekend. Which was great, until…


Say what? A hurricane? Earl? Uh, well, okay. Sure.

Beg your pardon? Fiona? Who’s that?


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Come on Mother Nature!!! What the heck?!

As of right now, we’re still planning on going down….keep nice weather thoughts out there for us! They’re calling for Earl to affect our vacation area late Thursday/early Friday, but if it heads any closer to land we may have to reconsider our trip. We’ll be watching it closely, I guess!

Although, in the wise words of my husband: “If I don’t get this vacation next week, I am going to have a mental breakdown.”

Amen, brother.

See, we’re both suffering from the affects of overtraining. And work stress. And life stress.

We need to get away. Away from the gym, away from the workplace, and away from the schedule that keeps us running from early to late 7 days a week.

In the last two weeks, I’ve had two slight injuries as a result of the gym. I’m no longer seeing gains. I’m having trouble sleeping, and when I do sleep, I still feel exhausted. My resting heart rate has been elevated a bit as well.

Yep. Overtraining. I’m not saying I’m some advanced athlete – I’m saying you get tired and your body gets tired.

No, that doesn’t mean I’ll spend my entire week on vacation sitting on my hiney – but there will be no HIIT, there will be no weight lifting. There will be beach time, there will be hiking and walking and renting bikes to ride. Fun, active things – just not organized fitness.

And I know, from experience, that it’s what I need. With lifting, 1-2 rest days a week (and on my rest days I end up deep-cleaning the house, or standing on my feet cooking all day, or heavy gardening, so is it really rest?) isn’t enough over time. Periodically, I find a rest week is just what the doctor ordered for proper physical AND mental health. I normally find I need it once every 3-4 months, but I usually stubbornly put it off until 6 months (case in point: right now!)

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