Welcome to August folks!

July kind of got away from me, there…

  • I went back to Pittsburgh to visit my fam and attend a family reunion. It was great to see everyone, but what’s even better is I convinced them to change it to Saturday afternoon (instead of Sunday afternoon) next year, to accomodate my travel (since I’m the only one who does travel!). Woot! I know it sounds kind of selfish, but there really was no reason we were doing it Sunday. It certainly didn’t hurt to ask if we could change it!
  • Came back late late late from seeing the fam, and threw myself right into the work week — and it was a hellacious work week. Weeks like that, I understand why people want to blog and write for a living. Crimeny.
  • I did manage to work out through hellacious-week-2010, but my heart really wasn’t in it, and even I realized I was just going through the motions
  • I didn’t sleep well, and found every evening to be jam packed with work, obligations, dog walking, cooking, and harvesting from my garden. Most nights I didn’t sit down until 10pm, thus no blogging. I really struggle with balancing out my day. That whole 8-hour work day with only a measly 1/2 hour lunch really cramps my style 😉

So I’m back – kind of. 🙂 I’ll post when I can, but life is just….busier…in the summer. And I won’t be making my pennies off this blog anytime soon, so penny-making comes first 🙂

Here’s how next week’s workouts are goin’ down:

Sunday: Power Yoga #5 from YogaDownload.com

Monday: 20m HIIT (elliptical) + Shoulders, Abs

Tuesday: 20m SS (steady state; moderate) cardio + Chest, Biceps

Wednesday: 20m HIIT (stationary bike) + Hot Power Fusion #1 (yoga) from YogaDownload.com

Thursday: 15m SS (easy) cardio + Legs, Glutes,Abs

Friday: 25m hills cardio (treadmill) + Back, Biceps

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