…But not really.  🙂 That song was just on the radio and it’s a great thought, though!

I need to focus on getting some me-time this weekend. I love nothing more than curling up with a book, and it’s been too long since I’ve done it.

Time to make it a priority!

Also on the weekend list:

  • Chores/Errands/Food Prep for next week
  • Hopefully seeing Inception with hubs
  • Potentially having the IL’s over Sunday for crab legs (they love them. Me? Not so much. I dislike working that hard for my meat! LOL)


Citrucel on the way to work, as usual…


Red Berry + ½ banana + milk = yum



Unpictured string cheese + handful of pretzels


The world’s largest taco salad. Ever.


In the mix:

  • Spinach
  • Leaf lettuce
  • Red + Yellow Peppers (From my garden!)
  • Cucumber (from my garden!)
  • Tomatoes
  • Salsa
  • Carrots
  • Sprinkle of Colby Jack cheese
  • Leftover black beans from last night’s dinner
  • Leftover mexican rice from last night’s dinner
  • Leftover pork barbacoa from last night
  • Guac!

Delicious. Filling. Huge. Definitely qualifies as veggie intake for today! I actually ended up eating ¾ of it at lunch (12:00) and finishing it later (2:00)


2 clementines + kashi granola bar – peanut peanut butter flavor (found in the depths of my purse during a meeting than ran WAY long)


20 minutes on the stationary bike, SSM (steady state/moderate)

Hamstrings, Quads, + Glutes

3 sets; done as ‘giant sets’ or what I normally refer to as ‘circuits’: Complete each exercise 1 time with no rest between, rest briefly, and do it again and again.

Leg Press – 12

Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift – 12

Exercise Ball Wall Squat (on last rep, hold 30 seconds) – 15

Exercise Ball Triple Threat – 15

(Per M&F Hers, at least! This is when you do hamstring curls with the ball…except you do 15 with legs straight; lifting your hips off the ground as your feet are on the ball…then bend legs 90 degrees and lift hips while keeping legs on the ball…then stretch legs out straight, lift hips, and slowly curl the ball in to your butt as you bend your knees)

I’m not gonna lie…when I saw this workout in M&F Hers, I thought it looked a little weak.

I was wrong.

Those 3-part hamstring curls on the ball are KILLER.

Did some stretching (especially for my knotted up back) and then went home and walked the pup for 30 minutes. She lives for when I get home and spoil her with outside time. LOL


Easy dinner tonight – Smart Taste spaghetti with meat sauce (lean ground beef). I didn’t even bother making salad…after that huge lunch salad! And we had no bread in the house (because I wasn’t home to make any last weekend) so it was simple tonight 🙂



Hopefully tonight’s agenda involves my book. I miss it so. 🙂

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