I need to recommit. There have been more days than not with dessert in the last few months. More treats. More sugar.

Maybe even a DAILY 2pm chocolate-at-the-office situation.



It’s time to get a grip.

So here’s the focus. Any tips for any of them? 🙂

1. No afternoon sweets at the office

I’m usually not that harsh on myself, but really. I don’t need it. We’re going cold turkey, people. Chocolate, cookies…the whole shebang. 2pm will just have to deal.

2. Focus on meals + snacks.

I often ‘skip’ a snack here and there because I’m not hungry, but it comes back to bite me later. For example, in the morning I’m normally not that hungry, so I have my Citrucel and my breakfast, and that’s it. But then by 2pm, I’m hungry, and I basically stay hungry every hour or so from that point on. This is where the ‘afternoon sweets’ problem comes in. Throw a workout in there, and then going immediately home and walking the dog for ½ hour, watering the garden, prepping for the next day, and finally cooking/eating dinner – it’s a recipe for disaster. 🙂

I’m not exactly sure how to structure my food…I like breakfast, lunch, a snack before my workout, a small snack after (enough energy to walk the dog and make dinner only) then dinner…but admittedly, I find my belly growling right before bed. I’ve tried ignoring it, but it just wakes me up during the night then. LOL

3. Snacks before bed – are fine – but need to be nutritious.

No more random ice cream cones, bowls of ice cream, etc. It needs to be mindful, moderate, and nutritious.

4. Continue to focus on (creative) protein intake.

I feel better when I have a little more protein – especially when I’m lifting hard. I’m not right now, so I have gotten back to less protein, but it makes me feel better and fuller so I need to make a conscious effort to not just always reach for fruit or carbs when I’m hungry.

5. And just for fun… finally get the balls to try a spin class. I’ve never even been on a spin bike…and our spin room is TINY and it’s a super-popular class, so it’s always crowded. But I need to try it 🙂 I scoped it out yesterday to see how many people are in there, and the class was kind of ½ empty, and I was surprised to find the instructor to be a girl I make brief small-talk with in the lifting room. So I may ask her advice on a ‘low key’ day to try it 🙂

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