Hey all!

I made it to the lab today for my fasting blood work (just for a physical!). I hate medical facilities. They make me uncomfortable and feel like I’m going to pass out.

I’ve never been hospitalized for anything, but I have extreme difficulty visiting anyone in a hospital-esque setting. *shudder*

Anyway, I survived my blood work, and headed to work, so this a.m. looks a little weird. In addition to being paranoid about medical facilities, I’m also terrified of passing out after blood work. LOL I know, bizarre. They don’t take that much blood!!

Tiny bottle of OJ (shot glass sized) – 8:05 a.m. (leaving the lab)

Package of dried pineapple – 8:05 a.m. (leaving the lab)

Citrucel on the drive to work – 8:15 a.m.

Breakfast – 8:45 a.m.

Small bowl of peanut butter puffins with milk + the remains of a green monster from last week that’s been frozen/thawed/frozen entirely too many times. LOL



Headed to the farmer’s market at lunch to replenish my stocks…I’ll have a house guest this weekend, so I did my weekly shopping today rather than making another trip on Saturday.

I picked up green onions, sweet onions, broccoli, tomatoes, fresh made/sliced ham and turkey (for sandwiches), and milk from the local dairy 🙂

I bring a cooler bag with ice packs in it, and I use that to store my milk and lunch meat when I go to the gym after work…it works just fine! The veggies can usually just sit out 🙂

I also got lunch….

Lunch – 12:00 a.m.

Taco salad strikes again!

I am insatiable today. Starved even! Trying to tame it, but it isn’t working. LOL

Had a second pack of dried pineapple…nom.



1/2 a Clif bar


Well after yesterday’s amazing feat of stupidity on the part of my knees (with Charlie horses in them!) I am a wee bit sore today in that area. I’m thinking there won’t be any more leg work this week.

I did go to the gym and did a moderate pace 30 minutes of cardio (rather than my HIIT…was worried about my knees) and abs:

Exercise Ball Pass-Over 3×15

Side Bends with Dumbbell 3×15

Reverse Crunches on Bench 3×15

Planks 3×60 sec

55 minutes @ the gym = 356 calories burned

Went home and retrieved the pup and took her for a 30 minute walk

Dinner – 7:45 p.m.

On my own tonight for leftovers, because the hubs went to a meeting.

Leftover stroganoff, big side salad (spinach, leaf lettuce, tomato, pepper, cucumber, carrot, red onion with red wine vinaigrette) and a piece of homemade bread with margarine (was hungry for it and it was fresh!)


  • Cooking up the roasted lemon chicken for tomorrow night’s dinner tonight so I can just re-heat tomorrow
  • Icing my knees again tonight. All hail BioFreeze and ice!
  • Might prep the guest room tonight for my college roomie who will arrive tomorrow evening…need to decide which aspects of the house need cleaned before she gets here, and which can wait until after she leaves. LOL Once you’ve lived with someone in a 10×12 dorm, you no longer feel obligated to have everything sparkling and perfect when they come visit you. hehe

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