20 minute HIIT workout today, plus abs:

  • bench crunch 3×12
  • reverse crunch on bench 3×12
  • knee tucks on bench 3×12
  • side planks 3×30 seconds

45 minutes @ the gym = 316 calories burned

Food was consumed today…

Breakfast – cereal, banana, milk

Lunch – fresh sliced-off-the-bone ham on whole grain with lettuce; pretzels; carrot sticks and grape tomatoes

Snack – PB & (apricot) J on whole grain

Dinner – parmesan pork chops, parmesan risotto with peas, steamed green beans

Dessert – small handful of dark chocolate chips

My Exercise SpreadsheetHopefully that works…it shows my slow strength gains on the Oxygen strength workout I’ve been using.

Today was rough — and in the interest of my mental health, I’m logging out and reading a book. 🙂

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