It’s June already! How’d that happen?? LOL

Breakfast – 8:30 a.m.

Unpictured, because you’ve seen my Red Berry cereal, milk, and banana a thousand times. I’d originally planned a smoothie for breakfast today, but it just didn’t sound good this morning…so this was plan B.

Snack – 10:45 a.m.

Half a snack bag of puffins. I don’t know that I was hungry, just…snacky.


Lunch – 12:00 p.m.

Tuna salad (1 small can tuna, celery, onion, salt/pepper, greek yogurt) with whole wheat crackers and side salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, pepper, broccoli, cauliflower) and red wine vinaigrette


Snack 1 – 2:00 p.m.

Unpictured string cheese. I’m starving and daydreaming of chocolate (if we’re being honest) but I know it’s b/c I need more protein today. GAH! Once you’ve had it, you realize how you miss it. LOL

Snack 23:45 p.m.

Natural PB schmeared on a Kashi granola bar (peanut flavored, ironically enough).




Still working on the same full-body circuit. Kind of makes for boring posting, I guess. But I’m working on increasing my strength on this particular program for now, rather than doing different moves all the time. I needed a little mindless consistency here and there. 🙂

15 minute warm-up on the stair mill (pre-set intervals at level 10)

Full body circuit, 3 times through. I’m working on a Google Document to track my weights increases, but the link above shows you the basic layout of the workout.

Gentle stretching when it was all said and done – I need to re-incorporate serious stretching. My hamstrings and hips are all tightened up again. It’s all that desk-job-ness.

1h15m @ the gym (hotter than Hades again today, which seriously slows down my workout AND increases my rest time) = 600 calories burned. Crazy!

Headed home and chugged 8 oz. of this deliciousness:


Watered my garden (everything is surviving/growing, except no sign of my carrots. Hmm…) and walked the Holly Doggle.


Spicy honey chicken and foil packet potatoes (both grilled by Dave), steamed broccoli. I suppose I could’ve had him grill the broccoli too, but I didn’t want to blow his mind. Hehe



One of my chocolate chip cookies I baked yesterday. Nom.


Six-Month Review of Goals

I’m not gonna lie – I’m sucking at my New Years goals. Time to buckle down or re-evaluate I guess!

  • Try 30 days with no white sugar: Considering I had a chocolate chip cookie for dessert, I’m guessing I’m not doing well on this one. 🙂
  • Try 30 days with no white flour: See said cookie, again. LOL I’ve limited how much of it I’m eating (side from gorging myself on pasta salad for Memorial Day) but I still haven’t cut it completely. A big reason is I hate the prospect of making separate meals for Dave and I. And he won’t eat any whole grain pastas I’ve tried to pass off on him. Well, aside from Smart Taste. Which is still white flour.
  • Start a health blog to better keep track of my workouts, healthy eats, and other items that don’t really belong on my cooking blog:  This part is working. I need to find time to make an exercise page, though.
  • Strive for 1-2 vegetarian lunches per week: Hm. I’d say not doing well here. I’ve tried to eat more protein each day, and I just have trouble finding vegetarian protein sources I enjoy. I eat beans occasionally, but can’t stomach the texture of tofu…what else is there?
  • Include at least one fish and/or vegetarian dinner in each week’s meal plan: We’ve been doing really well with the fish aspect – not so good with the vegetarian. Again, because I’m not sure what to make that will still give me awesome protein, and, because Dave will veto a lack of meat, and I don’t want to make 2 meals.
  • Expand my use of the gym — try yoga and spinning classes at the YMCA: I haven’t done either of these. Sad. They changed the schedule for yoga to a night I’m unavailable. BUT, they opened a yoga studio down the street from the gym that I could logistically use. You can pay by class, so there’s no excuse there. I’m just shy about trying new things. Spinning also hasn’t happened. Why? I’ve no idea. LOL Shy again I guess! I’ve actually never BEEN on a spin bike, so that might be it as well. Oh, and the classes fill up days in advance, so no luck getting a small class. heh
  • Continue to work on strengthening/stretching my hip flexors, lower back, and core: I did really well with this initially, but in the last month or so I’ve stopped almost entirely. Back in the saddle.
  • Use C25K to get back into running again: Not doing this…I don’t think running is going to be for me. I just have too much trouble with my hip, and without abandoning all my other fitness pursuits and focusing solely on my running and my hip, I don’t know if it’s feasible. I’m just not ready to give up my lifting for that, yet.

So as you can see – not doing well. LOL Any advice on the items above? I’m considering I need new goals….

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