Well, it looks like there will be no bike riding with dad this weekend. He called me last night and told me the Pittsburgh is scheduled for rain and thunderstorms from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon – essentially the whole time we’d have been there.

So we’ve cancelled, and will hopefully reschedule. It’s kind of sad, because I hate living far away from my family and they’re disappointed when we can’t come. But on the other hand, it’s costly to go visit (gas, tolls, time, a dog who pukes in the car) so I don’t like to do it all that often. It’s a struggle, for sure.

I was on the phone with dad late last night and didn’t get Tuesday’s post up – but I posted it today!


Standard – red berry cereal, milk, strawberries and banana – yum


Handful of pistachios – things are addicting!



My taco salad on Tuesday was so amazing, I got another one. LOL. I could eat Mexican daily. Seriously. This time, I skipped the fried taco shell (which I don’t eat anyway), so in turn they loaded me up with more deliciousness. Yesssss….

They gave me ranch-dressing-mixed-with-hot-sauce as a salad dressing, but the guacamole in the salad was plenty for me.


On the side, I picked up The Green Drink – spinach, orange, ginger, parsley, mint, ice, and god-only-knows-what-else LOL


There’s a cute little sustainable foods stand in our Central Market that I frequent all the time, but I just realized I’ve never remarked on it here. It’s called Under One Sun. Here’s some pics of the menu (Wheatgrass! Local Eggs! Smoothies with vegetables! LOL)




Good stuff..and lots of greens for lunch!



Sliced up organic gala apple, string cheese, baked wheat crackers



Rest Day

I am sore all over from my weights workouts this week (and I think I pulled a muscle in my chest doing assisted pull-ups on Monday)…so I’m generally just feeling a bit beat up. Today was scheduled to be HIIT with abs, but I’m not doing it.

I find that even with 2 days off a week I am struggling with feeling overtrained how is that possible? Im at the gym for maybe 1h15m 4-5 days a week, so it doesnt feel excessive to me. I wonder whats up? Thoughts?

Maybe I’m not getting enough protein….

I’ll take the pup for a nice brisk walk, and do some stretching/foam rolling.

Tomorrow I’ll either add the HIIT back in, or go for a bike ride with DH – depending on weather – and fit my abs work in then.


Pork barbacoa (crockpot recipe!) tacos with black beans and Mexican (jasmine) rice. Mmmm (yes, that’s Mexican twice today. LOL)


Attended a Young Republicans (YR) meeting with DH. He’s been attending for months, but it seems like I always have other obligations on meeting night and can’t seem to get there. So tonight I was relieved of my duties (packing) by not going to Butler this weekend. So I showed my face 🙂

My weekday evenings are jam-packed, so I generally have trouble getting to any event that occurs on a weekday evening.

How about you? I find it easier to fit in events and such on the weekend – I think because I don’t work out on Saturday and Sunday. LOL

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