Sans pics…my phone ate them!

Today is going better than yesterday. 🙂

Thank goodness!


Deliciousness in waffle form: 2 Nature’s Path Red Berry (you’ll note this is the same flavor as my cereal. LOL) waffles, 1 small container vanilla greek yogurt, and fresh, local strawberries. (holla!)


DH had a leftover slice of ‘pita pizza’ for me from a local pizzeria…it’s basically a pizza sandwich. This one had ham and cheese, and I couldn’t resist it. I packed some veggies (grape tomatoes, carrots, celery, cucumber and peppers) to try to get some nutrients that don’t involve fat (I’m not gonna lie…that wasn’t a healthy lunch. LOL)


2 mini whole wheat bagels with pb and fresh blackberry jam a co-worker gave me, banana


20 minutes moderate cardio on the elliptical

Gentle stretches

I was scheduled for a full-body workout, but I’m still sore from Monday’s full body workout. And I’m scheduled to bike with my dad this weekend, so I don’t want to go into it painfully sore.

I focused on what wasn’t sore: Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders, Glutes, Calves. So I guess it was a half-body workout? LOL

  • Standing Bicep Curls (Barbell) – 25 pounds
  • Seated Hammer Curls (Dumbbells) – 15 pounds
  • Tricep Overhead Extension (Cable) – 40 pounds
  • One-Armed Tricep Kickback (Laying on my back, with dumbbells) – 12.5 pounds
  • Seated Arnold Press – 12.5 pounds
  • Upright Row (Cable) – 30 pounds
  • Step-Ups on Bench  – Bodyweight
  • Single Leg Press  – 80 pounds
  • Calf Raises (standing) – Bodyweight
  • Calf Raises (seated) – 25 pounds

492 calories burned / 1h


Salmon with olive oil and lemon, risotto with peas, and green beans


Gotta do some laundry and start prepping to pack…we’re headed out to see my family this weekend, which means ½ day on Friday and 4.5 hours in the car.

I also need to print out all my coupons and get my menu/grocery list for next week done. I do all of that in advance, so when we get back on Sunday we can go straight to the store and proceed with getting ready for the week. 🙂

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