I’m a day behind!

Yay for pretty hair! I had an appointment at the salon this afternoon, so I feel pretty (oh so pretty!) again. 🙂

Off topic: I did Jillian’s Yoga Meltdown (Level 1) OnDemand Sunday. It was the weirdest thing ever. In fact, sitting here trying to write about it, I feel like it’s one of those awkward/bizarre moments that happened and you just never talk about again. Jillian doesn’t exactly help me ‘center’ myself and I found her incredibly distracting throughout the workout. And what is up with spending 5 minutes at the beginning making sure I know what downward dog is, only to throw out the yoga names of the other poses with no guidance? It was bizarre.

Dislike. 🙂


Red berry cereal, milk, fresh (LOCAL!) strawberries, and ½ banana. As I stated yesterday, you’ve seen plenty of my cereal, so no picture 🙂


Pistachios, served on a tissue, just like yesterday. I get into ‘holding patterns’ with pistachios where I crave them all the time. Weird.


Leftover cheese pizza (it looks a little gnarly there, but I promise it was tasty) and a side salad (red leaf lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, yellow peppers) with sweet vidalia dressing




a fruit leather at the salon…no workout=no need to fuel


Yesterdays workout really renewed my love of fitness and working out. I think I’d been feeling like I was floundering, because things kept happening and I was tired of the same old routine. I need to remember that trying new things wont make me lose all the gains Ive made on my old plan.

I didn’t get out of the salon with time to work out and walk the pup AND make dinner, so my workout took a backseat today. I went home and walked the pup between rain showers, and then made a rockin’ delicious dinner. I’m remarkably sore (in a good way!!) from my body-weight-only workout yesterday, so I don’t feel too many regrets. 🙂

My original plan was 20 minutes HIIT, and I wanted to try to complete the P90X Ab Ripper sequence (because it looks fun) that I found on youtube…ah well. Another day!


Lemon chicken, garlic rice pilaf, and steamed green beans – amazing! Delicious!


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