Whew. This week is FIERCE – and it’s only Tuesday!


Let’s rewind:



Red Berry…I’m super boring for breakfast 🙂



Smoked chicken, lettuce, tomato on whole grain, with red peppers and carrots (and pirates booty!)



Kashi granola bar


None. I spent my evening listening to a college class give presentations on a topic I gave them as a class project from my job. Three hours of powerpoint, people.



Uber-late. Like, 9:30 pm 🙁

Re-heated venison steak, broccoli, and pasta tossed with olive oil


Monday was an incredibly LONG day.



Some of my free Cascadian Farm cereals mixed together – Cinnamon Crunch and Oat and Honey granola. Eaten in two shifts, because of a meeting.




½ a whole wheat Italian sub, enjoyed outside with co-workers. Delish.





Same layout as last week to work on strength gains after The Plague:

20 minutes steady state cardio (treadmill hills)

2 circuits, 20 seconds rest between each exercise:

Back Squats – empty barbell (45 lbs)

Hamstring Curls – 60 lbs

Leg Extensions – 65 lbs

Pull Downs – 75 lbs

Bench Press – 55 lbs

Shoulder Press – 12.5 lb dummbells

Barbell Bicep Curl – 35 lbs

Tricep Pulldown – 55 lbs

Hyperextension – body weight. Our gym doesn’t have the proper bench for this, so I did mine on a stability ball

Rollups – body weight

Bicycle Crunches – body weight

Decline Bench Curls


HRM says 550 calories burned in 1h10m


Im enjoying the fast circuits because it gets me out of the gym faster to enjoy these nice evenings. LOL


Came home with intentions of walking the pup, but ended up just letting her run her little legs off with the neighbor dog while I walked out the area for my garden so DH could rototill.



New recipe! 🙂

Chicken Fried Rice. I normally stay away from Chinese-at-home…it’s never very good. But this was a handy way to use up leftovers and it was delicious!



DH rototilled some land for me to plant a small garden, and I (kind of in hindsight and probably a little late) decided maybe I should start my tomatoes and green bean plants inside…so I stopped at Lowes and got some stuff to pre-plant 🙂 My original plan was just to toss the seeds in and see what grew. LOL

Also ordered and sent my mom and grandma their Mother’s Day presents (hand lotion samplers from Crabtree & Evelyn!)! I hope they like them!

Last two orders of business this evening: make Susan’s protein waffles (I’m not ashamed to admit I tried on Sunday, and got distracted and forgot to spray the waffle maker…resulting in me and a hard spatula scraping protein waffle off the entire waffle maker for HOURS) and hit publish on this blog post!

(Susan’s waffles didn’t happen – DH was out until 8:30, we just ate dinner, and I’m EXHAUSTED. Maybe tomorrow!)

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