….before I pass out!

I’m exhausted — but I guess that’s the mark of a successful weekend, eh?

The weekend was full of family (my dad visited), tractors (dad brought a lawn tractor for the DH with him), friends (threw a surprise party for one of the friends in our group who just became a dad in early april) and food (can we say huge broiled crab cakes angel food cake with fresh strawberries and fresh whipped cream? HELLO!)

I enjoyed every minute!

Now, back to the real world. 🙂

This week’s fitness

Sunday: Walked the pup but it was mega humid today…so only 20 minutes. Also squeezed in some free OnDemand yoga

Monday: Probably nothing. Maybe walking Holly. I have an event for work (again) and won’t have time before or after for a gym sesh

Tuesday: 20 minutes steady state cardio (stairmill), full body strength (i’m going to use the same exercises as last week for one more week to get my strength/weights back up to par after being off 2 weeks) and abs

Wednesday: 20 minutes HIIT (elliptical), yoga

Thursday: 20 minutes steady state cardio (bike), full body strength, and abs

Friday: 20 minutes HIIT (elliptical), yoga

Hopefully that’s do-able this week!

DH leaves Thursday morning for a turkey hunting trip, so I’ll have some additional responsibilities and running around to do (like coming home at lunch to let the pup out. DH normally comes home for lunch and does that!)

Hope everyone has a good week!

Did You See?

There’s supposedly a new “dirty dozen” in the organic world. Article here.

I have a ton of trouble finding the original dirty dozen in organic varieties at my grocery store…so I imagine additions (like celery) will be difficult as well!

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