This is a quickie because I’m dead tired!


Had an unpictured slice of cinnamon toast on my way out the door this morning and some orange juice at my training and that’s it. I wasn’t feeling well.




Panera, which hurts my stomach. I hate Panera. It’s overpriced and makes my tums hurt. BLAH.


Chicken salad (on white, but i didn’t know it until i unwrapped it), chips, brownie (gross…ate one bite and threw it away), and a big (x2) heaping of salad….lacking veggies, and a piece of multigrain bread.



Kashi granola bar (Peanut Peanut Butter)


25 minutes steadily increased resistance for 25 minutes


Twice through as a circuit, 12 reps per set, 30 second rest between exercises:

Back Squats – empty barbell (45 lbs)

Hamstring Curls – 50 lbs

Leg Extensions – 60 lbs

Pull Downs – 75 lbs

Bench Press – 55 lbs

Shoulder Press – 12.5 lb dummbells

Barbell Bicep Curl – 35 lbs

Tricep Pulldown – 50 lbs

Hyperextension – body weight. Our gym doesn’t have the proper bench for this, so I did mine on a stability ball

Rollups – body weight

Bicycle Crunches – body weight

Decline Bench Curls


HRM states 630 calories burned in 1h20m.


Came home and walked the pup for half an hour.



Marinated grilled chicken breast, pasta tossed with olive oil, green beans


DH picked up the fresh angel food cakes today from the farmer’s market.

I just wrapped up slicing 4 pounds of strawberries for tomorrow night’s surprise party, and I just made 4 cups of whipping cream into light, fluffy whipped cream as well.

I’m going to go crash!


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