I am a victim of the malaise today.

(I’m positive there must be an I Can Haz Cheezburger cat for malaise, but I can’t find it)

Tired, groggy, cranky, lethargic – the whole works.

And my allergies are ROCKIN’ today too. Oy vey. I may actually need to go to the doc about them this year…the OTC stuff isn’t working.

It’s one of those “just survive” days. LOL


Red berry, milk and banana again. Boring. I know.



Handful of pistachios – served on a tissue. Klassy.



Tuna salad (2 pouches of chunk light tuna, 2 stalks of celery, minced onion, salt, pepper, 1 hardboiled egg (whites only) and a smidge of mayo/plain yogurt mixed together for creaminess) on whole grain with lettuce; pretzels; apple sauce (ended up not eating the applesauce…the malaise has taken my appetite)


The tuna made enough for 2 lunches, so you’ll be seein’ it again!


Oh – and a dark chocolate truffle. It wasn’t really very “dark chocolate” though. Bummer. It was my dark chocolate of choice for my desk drawer. I keep good quality dark chocolate in my work drawer to try to avoid the junky candy we have in the office.


Fruit leather (I’m addicted)


Cascadian Farm granola bar



None, other than helping set up and run a work event this evening from 5-8.


Ham, Annie’s mac and cheese, leftover medley of veggies from the fridge (eaten super-late)



  • My monthly friend is sapping all my recently-acquired energy after getting over The Plague of 2010 – honestly it makes me terrified to see how much worse it is without BCP.
  • I need more sleep, even though I’m getting 8 hours a night. A mid-afternoon nap would be perfect, but I don’t think my employer would appreciate that.
  • Yoga yesterday killed me. My arms, back, and shoulders are super-sore. Stupid holding-downward-dog-forever! 🙂
  • I’m still down 5 pounds from the Plague. I’m cool with that and hoping to keep it that way.
  • Working 12 hour days sucks. I admire people who do it regularly.
  • I have a training all day tomorrow, so food should be wild and wooly (and Panera-themed, it seems) and secretly photographed 🙂

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