I wish I could say TGIF, but hey…we’re just not there yet. 🙂 Working on it, though!


…was a little wacky today. My tums hurt this morning so I made myself a slice of cinnamon toast (aka belly tamer) on my way out the door. Ended up eating it as soon as I got to my desk.


Then, I was whisked off to meetings with the boss lady, and finally returned to my desk at 10:30 to eat my actual breakfast: red berry, milk, banana. I know it’s boring but (confession) I really can’t dig oatmeal every day, and my egg supplier has been out of large eggs lately…and I don’t buy any other size!


No snack, as ‘breakfast’ occurred at 10:30.

Incidentally, I also consume 8 oz of water/Citrucel on my way into work every morning. I have trouble with IBS when I get stressed, and the extra fiber helps. It also gets me some water and fiber first thing in the a.m.

I have to think it’s better for me than coffee! LOL


“Clean-out-the-fridge” lunch: leftover salad from Sunday (romaine hearts, red pepper, carrots, celery tomato) with red wine vinaigrette and a tiny amount of leftover brown rice and chili


Hit the spot!


And a sweet tea. I don’t normally consume caffeine (aside from the occasional chocolate) – no regular tea, coffee, etc. But at the end of my cycle each month, I really struggle with fatigue. Especially at work – I have trouble concentrating.

So this month I tried incorporating an old love (sweet iced tea) to see if it helps. Result? HELPS IMMENSELY. I was actually able to be productive today. So I may add some caffeine back in…but only at ‘that time’ when it’s needed. 🙂


PB & J on  whole grain…I was just hungry for it 🙂


My yogurt and granola snack yesterday was AWESOME for staying power, but, left me feeling a wee bit sluggish at the beginning of my workout. Maybe I needed to eat it earlier?


20 minutes HIIT on the elliptical (I did them high intensity, but NOT balls-to-the-wall, as I am trying to be a good girl about getting back into the gym this week at a slow pace)

20 minutes walking on various inclines on the treadmill (because I was reading the Oxygen Abs special edition and it was pretty good!)

Finished off my fitness for the evening with yoga. I’d intended to do an OnDemand beginner yoga session, but my OnDemand is being wonky and it wouldn’t play.

Ended up doing a 30-minute ‘yoga for weight loss’ video on yogadownload.com – holy crap was it hard. And I am STIFF. LOL

550 calories burned today, in about an hour and a half.

Also, walked the pup for 30 minutes.


Leftovers! Beef stroganoff from Saturday, and steamed cauliflower/broccoli



Strawberries again…with the last of the test-run whipped cream. 🙂 It lasted two days! Yay! That means I can get everything ready Thursday night, for the party on Friday. Whew!


Can you believe April is almost over?! DH (moreso than me) has a very busy May…but I have some activity in there too, and when DH is away/busy, I have more responsibilities and errands, so it affects us both.

  • First weekend DH is headed back to my hometown to help my dad load and bring a lawn tractor, gun safe, and huge toy chest to our house in York.
  • Second weekend DH is turkey hunting. (Although I’m secretly looking forward to this and hope the weekend is filled with sappy romantic movies and such that DH won’t watch!)
  • Third weekend is potentially another turkey hunting weekend for DH, depending on how it goes
  • Fourth weekend DH and I are supposed to go back to my hometown and ride bikes on rail trails with my dad. He loves doing it, and wants us to go with him. But I’m trying to get him to come to us – less travel for us, and he’s on vacation the whole week anyway! 🙂
  • Fifth weekend is memorial day weekend! We don’t have any plans yet, but I’m sure something will come up.

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