Hello all!

Back in action today 🙂


Red Berry! (and milk ..alas..no picture, and no fruit on it because I forgot my banana!)


Granola bar. Was feelin’ the carbs this morning!



Brown rice, turkey chili (with kidney beans), sprinkle of cheese and a dollop of plain yogurt as “sour cream”


And carrot sticks 🙂


Yoplait Vanilla/Honey Greek Yogurt (I have a bunch of coupons for these, but this flavor is the only one I like) with Cascadian Farm Dark Chocolate Almond granola = heaven


There was also a bag of Annie’s fruit snacks and a handful of pistachios today. Work makes me so freaking snacky! I think it must be sitting at a desk all day.




As today was my first day back at it in 14 days I tried to take it moderately easy. Also, because of work/life obligations this week, I chose to go with full body strength days.

Random Observations:

  • My legs actually look BETTER after 2 weeks off than they do when I’m working them. What’s up with that?!
  • All the regular gym rats were sure Dave and I must’ve gone on vacation, died, or went to a different gym, we were gone so long. LOL
  • I had a great workout today, but didn’t work myself to the point of full and total exhaustion like I normally do. It made me enjoy my workout a thousand times more.

Do you generally work out to the point of being totally beat? I always feel like I should push myself to the limit, but I’m thinking maybe I don’t need to do it EVERY time.

25 minutes, steady state (moderate) stationary biking

Twice through as a circuit, 12 reps per set, 30 second rest between exercises:

Back Squats – empty barbell (45 lbs)

Hamstring Curls – 40 lbs

Leg Extensions – 50 lbs

Pull Downs – 70 lbs

Bench Press – empty barbell (45 lbs)

Shoulder Press – 12.5 lb (dumbbells)

Barbell Bicep Curl – short barbell (25 lbs)

Tricep Pulldown – 45 lbs

Hyperextension – body weight. Our gym doesn’t have the proper bench for this, so I did mine on a stability ball

Rollups – body weight

Bicycle Crunches – body weight

Planks – 50 seconds each

HRM says Glad you finally managed to get your butt off the couch! err… HRM says 500 calories burned in an hour and 10 minutes 🙂


It’s Monday – also known as Dave-Cooks/Steak Night at our house! LOL

Tonight is filet mignon, steamed broccoli, and leftover mashed potatoes. Yum!



I made whipped cream yesterday (fresh, real, whipped cream) as an experiment as to how far in advance you can make it. I need to make it for an event this weekend, but am hoping to make it early, so this was my “test batch” (I was afraid it wouldn’t last and I’d be screwed!). I promised Dave we’d eat it tonight.

So anyway…my whipped cream survived its 24 hour trial period, and it’s reward was to be part of our dessert: fresh whipped cream and fresh strawberries!


(You know you love my ancient men’s plaid PJ pants from Old Navy. Ha!)

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