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  • I’ve taken 14 days off from the gym. The first half, because I had the Plague and the second half because I was weak as a kitten from the Plague. And let me tell you –  I love having all this free time. To go home after work, leisurely change and walk the dog, leisurely make dinner and pack my lunch, check my email and blogs, and still be sitting down to read my book at 8pm? Heaven on earth I tell ya. Honestly, it makes me depressed to think about how busy I’ll be again next week when the workout schedule resumes. I like being fit and working out, but I hate that it completely annihilates all my free time.


  • Dave wants a baby. I’ve talked about it here before. Problem? Dave went to a grad school that cost him $80,000. His loan payments are $650 a month…also known as the money we’d need for daycare. I can’t quit working (we use my health insurance AND get a monetary kickback from his employer for not using his health insurance) and we have no support system here to assist us. So Dave is grouchy and unhappy, and all his friends are pregnant/having babies, and we can’t figure out how we’ll ever afford to. Thanks Pepperdine University!

Next Week

I should be back to posting regularly this week. I’m also busy with a lot of obligations, which makes getting back into the gym tricky as well.

Here’s my gameplan:

Monday: Full Body Strength Circuit with Abs / 20 minutes steady state cardio

Tuesday: 20 minutes HIIT / 20 minutes steady state cardio / yoga (Shiva Rea Beginner Yoga OnDemand – to get back into it)

Wednesday: Potentially assisting in a work-related event from 6pm – 8pm, but still want to try to get in a  Full Body Strength Circuit with Abs

Thursday: 20 minutes HIIT/ 10 minutes steady state / Yoga (Yoga Fitness Fusion OnDemand)  — also have to prep angel food cake, strawberries, and whipped cream for Friday evening

Friday: Nothing. We are attending a surprise birthday party (and I’m obviously in charge of the dessert) and we’re leaving as SOON as I get home from work.


I’m hoping to put in a workouts page on here as well – for myself and for any readers. Hopefully make it easier to pick and choose workouts I’ve already typed up. Not sure when I’ll get to that, though! LOL

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